General Rules


You can help keep Sierra a peaceful and friendly neighborhood!

Residents abiding by our covenants and other rules help ensure Sierra continues to be a peaceful and desirable place to live.  The following are key rules to keep in mind and are based on Sierra’s covenants, Island County regulations, as well as common courtesy.   Please refer to the Covenants Enforcement page of this website to view Sierra’s Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws, and associated policies.

  • Do not block the marine views of your neighbors with trees and shrubs.  The covenants state that "no trees, shrubbery, or plantings of any kind in excess of six feet in height which obstruct the marine view from another owner's residence shall be placed, planted or maintained on any of the property."  The original Douglas Firs are exempt.  Please keep the mature size of trees and shrubs in mind when landscaping your yard.

  • Ensure architectural projects are approved by the board.  This includes remodels, additions, sheds/outbuildings, fences, etc.

  • Keep the appearance of your property neat.  Maintain house exteriors, roofs, fences and sheds.  Keep grass and weeds mowed, and remove all noxious or invasive weeds and plants (poison hemlock, thistle, blackberry, scotch broom, etc).

  • No temporary habitation is allowed in any temporary structures (RVs, tents, etc.) on any lot.  This includes guests staying with Sierra homeowners.  Such camping is prohibited by Island County except under very limited situations which require a permit.

  • Minimize light pollution at night by avoiding use of outdoor lighting.  When you must use outdoor lighting, it should be no greater than 60 watts.  This will allow neighbors to see the water and sky at night instead of staring at bright lights--this is a great aspect of life in Sierra and much appreciated.  (Read the Island County Lighting Brochure for more info).

  • Do not allow dogs and cats to roam freely throughout Sierra.  Dogs must be on-leash when walked or otherwise off one's own property.  Control your dog's barking to ensure neighbors are not disturbed.  Always carry a "doggie bag" when walking your dog so you will be able to properly pick up and dispose of your pet's droppings in your own trash bin.

  • Follow Island County rules about outdoor fires.  Note: At no time is burning of trash/garbage allowed.  However, burning of brush or firewood is allowed without a permit if limited to fires three feet or less in diameter in approved fire pits, and if there is no Burn Ban in effect for our area.

  • Abide by noise ordinances and be respectful of your neighbors. Sierra residents appreciate  how quiet our community is.

  • Do not use any fireworks in Sierra at any time.  Fireworks are not allowed in Sierra as they are a fire hazard and create noise disturbances.

  • Slow down!  Observe the 25 mph speed limit on ALL Sierra streets.

  • Conserve water.  We only have about a two-day supply in our reservoir when the power goes out.  We do not have a generator to replenish the reservoir during outages.  Please use only minimal amounts during the time we are without power.


Looking for more details about Sierra's rules?  
Go to the Covenants Enforcement page.