Suspicious activity or altercations encountered: 

If you see any illegal or suspicious activity in the neighborhood, or you encounter
an altercation or other threatening situation including aggressive or stray animals, 


If it's not an emergency, call the Sheriffs' non-emergency number 360-679-9567.  


Water Billing or Water Issues:

King Water  (M-F 9am-5pm):  360-678-5336 or 888-241-2503        

After hours emergency:  888-266-7048


Covenants Violations Complaints:

If you wish to review Sierra covenants or policies, or submit a covenants violation complaint, please refer to the Covenants Enforcement page.


Architectural Projects and New Water Connections:

If you are planning an architectural project (fencing, outbuilding, remodel, etc.), or want information about new water connections, please refer to the Architecture page.


Other Sierra HOA-related questions or comments:



Mailing address:

Sierra Country Club
2685 San Juan Street (changed!)
Coupeville, WA 98239


Call or email a Board Member, the Secretary, or Property Manager:

Click on the "Board & Staff" tab for contact info. 





IMPORTANT: Confidential information transmitted to a Board member may be shared with any other member of the Board as is appropriate.  No information will be intentionally divulged to the public.

DISCLAIMER:  This is an unsecured website not intended for transmission of confidential information.  Please direct all private communications regarding community issues directly to a member of the Sierra Country Club Board of Directors.