Policies, procedures, forms, and other information related to new construction and water connections, as well as other architectural projects are found below.  Please keep in mind that new construction of single family dwellings must be done in conjunction with the Water Connections Approval (WCA) process.


Architecture Projects:

Many architectural projects (remodels, fences, outbuildings, exterior structures, etc.) require board approval.   A Project Completion Agreement (PCA) Form needs to be submitted for these types of requests. 

  • Project Completion Agreement Form  (PDF fillable Form).  This form has been streamlined from previous versions.  Download the form and open it on your computer or device.  Then complete the information and save the form.  You may submit the form via email or print and mail it:
    • Email to:
    • Mail to: Sierra Country Club
                  Attn:  Architecture Director
                  2685 San Juan St.
                  Coupeville, WA 98239

The following policies and information provide requirements and other details related to architecture projects.


New Water Connections - New Construction

Sierra's process of receiving Island County authorization for increasing water connections and selecting property owners who have expressed interest in building new homes, is known as the Water Connection Approval (WCA) process.  This process is repeated every other year. 

A Water Availability Verification (WAV) is required by the Island County Health Department and the Island County Planning Department as part of the building permit process.  Typically, Sierra may allocate up to five (5) new water connections every other year (referred to as a build year).  Water connections are granted to interested property owners according to a ranking of length of ownership of their lots, and are contingent upon Island County approval. 



2022 Water Connection / Build Cycle:  The Call for Interest process for the 2022 Water Connection Approval (WCA) cycle closed October 15, 2020.   Five owners with the highest property ownership seniority have been granted the water connections. 2022 water connection fee was $15,500, with an initial deposit of $5,000.

2024 Water Connection / Build Cycle:  The Call for Interest process for the 2024 Water Connection Approval (WCA) cycle will commence in the 3rd quarter of 2022.  Stay tuned for more details.


Please refer to the Call for Interest Letter, WCA policy, and other WCA documents posted below for details.


Water Connection Approval (WCA) Policy and Information